HungerStation, hellofood shape strategic partnership

main on line food ordering platforms hellofood and HungerStation strengthened their operations and footprint in Saudi Arabia via a new child strategic partnership. The merger become currently announced with the aid of foodpanda, the worldwide group that at first started the emblem hellofood in March 2013, and aims at consolidating the enterprise’s market management in the vicinity.

underneath the management of Ebrahim Al-Jassim, founder and CEO of HungerStation, both manufacturers will retain to perform in the state to cater to the special segments of the Saudi population and provide the biggest type of meals retailers and eating places. The partnership will bring together a sturdy dedicated group to guide the operations and provide higher offerings and food services to the extra than +20 million Saudis residents currently blanketed with the aid of the structures in extra than 47 cities throughout the dominion.

“foodpanda is usually in search of strategic possibilities, to combine the nice international operational practices with excellent a success marketers, acquiring strong nearby market knowledge and try to deliver the maximum handy food delivery enjoy to our clients,” stated co-founder and COO of foodpanda global, Felix Plog.

“hellofood and HungerStation have already proved the effectiveness of this merger in just 3 months; we can already foresee the wealthy destiny of this partnership,” introduced Plog.

Anass Boumediene, coping with Director of foodpanda center East, stated: “This merger presents an possibility for 2 market leaders to mix their skills and information to in addition provide more advantageous offerings and meals services for our customers in Saudi Arabia.”

«With Ebrahim’s ambition and splendid entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with our numerous operational practices we will set guarantee that this partnership is the suitable a hit combo for Saudi Arabia,” brought Mehdi Oudghiri Co-managing Director of foodpanda center East.

“With the revel in, sources and era that foodpanda brings to the table, we’re very excited and prepared to take the following big step so as to provide a world class service and experience to our developing client base in Saudi Arabia,” said Al-Jassim, in addition stated. “we have labored very difficult over the last years, in developing strategic alliances with the primary gamers in the meals enterprise and constructing trust amongst our customers. That collectively with our working ethics and lifestyle helped us to end up the chief of on line meals transport in Saudi Arabia, leading to this extraordinary possibility to sign up for palms with hellofood.”

the kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents a completely unique possibility for unrivaled growth in the online-meals-ordering platform. the online food ordering industry will continue to grow, and will in all likelihood become the quickest growing industry in the e-trade area. Hungerstation clone scriptand hellofood will certainly be capitalizing and feeding this boom, as online meals shipping regularly turns greater into a ‘norm’ in place of a differentiation.

HungerStation and hellofood stay committed to the Saudi marketplace and are set to outgrow the web food industry, by continuing to increasing into new towns, introducing new complimentary offerings in addition to partnering with an increasing number of food retailers to ensure it meets all consumers’ tastes.

foodpanda entered the middle East in March 2013 underneath its hellofood brand. further, the agency operates the meals shipping organizations 24h in the United Arab Emirates and Otlob in Egypt.